Introduction Shopping for Change
Louis Hyman and Joseph Tohill
1. Conscience: The Free Produce Movement in Early America
Michelle Craig McDonald
2. Boycotts, Buycotts, and Legislation: Tactical Lessons from Workers and Consumers during the Progressive Era
Wendy Wiedenhoft Murphy
3. Making a Market for Consumers: The Calgary Consumers’ League and the High Cost of Living
Bettina Liverant
4. Making a Middle Class “Public”: Middle-Class Consumer Activism in Post-First World War America
Mark Robbins
5. You Are Purchasing Prosperity! : Local Buying Initiatives and Women as Conscious Consumers in the Great Depression
Allison Ward
6. Making Money in Hard Times: Scrip and Grassroots Efforts to Solve the Great Depression
Sarah Elvins
7. Protecting the “Guinea Pig Children” : Resisting Children’s Food Advertising in the 1930s
Kyle Asquith
8. Our Economic Way Out : Black American Consumers’ Cooperation in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
Josh Carreiro
9. Not Buying It : Reconsidering American Consumer Opposition to Nazi Anti-Semitism
Jeffrey Scott Demsky and Randall Kaufman
10. Canada’s Citizen Housewives : Cold War Anti-Communism and the Limits of Maternalism
Julie Guard
11. The Consumer Goes to War : Consumer Politics in the United States and Canada during the Second World War
Joseph Tohill
12. From the Great Society to Giant : Esther Peterson and the Politics of Shopping
Lawrence Black
13. The Countercultural Roots of Green Consumerism
Philip A. Wight
14. Purchasing Change : The (Un)Intended Consequences of Biofuel Consumption on the World’s Poor
H. Louise Davis
15. Buying a Better World : From Cause Marketing to Social Innovation, Can Consumption Create Positive Social Change?
Mara Einstein
16. What About the Cause? : The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Pinkwashing of Breast Cancer Activism
Daniel Faber, Amy Lubitow, and Madeline Brambilla
17. The Making of a Coke CAN : Coca-Cola’s Civic Action Network (CAN) and the Seeding of Corporate Astroturf Campaigns, 1995–2015
Bartow Elmore
18. Boot the Bell : Solidarity as Strategy in the Neoliberal Era
Dawson Barrett
19. Where’s the Beef . . . From? : Boycotting Burger King to Protect Central American Rainforests
Katrina Lacher
20. The Sweatshop Effect : Consumer Activism and the Anti-Sweatshop Movement on College Campuses
Meredith Katz
21. Hating Wal-Mart, Loving Target, and the Contradictions of Supply Chain Capitalism
Jessica Stewart
22. Ports are the New Factories : Supply Chains and Labour Power in the Twenty-first Century
Louis Hyman
23. To Speak in One Voice : Dynamics of a Cross-Movement Coalition for Financial Reform
Robert N. Mayer and Larry Kirsch
24. On Demand
Tracey Deutsch